Reference Check Verifications

Ensures a proper fit for the role you’re recruiting for

Many organizations don’t perform reference checks as thoroughly as they should. By the time a candidate reaches the final hiring stages, many companies feel like they’ve found the perfect candidate. That’s when reference check verifications feel like a formality.

With up to 30 percent of resumes containing exaggerated or inaccurate information, failing to conduct a reference check can be costly. Given that candidates falsify credentials, work experience and reasons for termination, a complete reference check is important.

Reference checks do more than just measure and report on a person's technical skills; they also give you valuable insight into whether or not a candidate will fit into your corporate culture. Triton referees are trained to ask open-ended and probing questions, listen for pregnant pauses and record detailed answers to give you a solid understanding of whom you are hiring.

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Trustworthy Reference Check Verifications

Businesses of all sizes don’t always have the time to put reference checks through a complete vetting process. It’s important to remember that viewing reference checks as a mere formality can have costly consequences.

Triton is a solution that can turn what can otherwise be cumbersome reference checks into an easy automated system and valuable recruitment tool. We can help you in a variety of different areas and we include the right inputs so you get a full rounded view of each candidates’ references.

Our business is helping you to run your business smoothly and select the right candidates with comprehensive and thorough reference check verification tools. We specialize in making sure everyone involved knows how to ask the right questions to elicit illuminating answers.

Triton brings years of experience in major cities and markets to bear. We are committed to streamlining and polishing this aspect of your recruitment process. We take the time to make sure that each and every one of our processes is in accordance with all state and federal regulations.

Reference Check Verification Responses

Triton referees are highly trained so they know how to decipher responses when it comes to reference checks for false information and target emotional cues. Our professionals are experts at siphoning off any false information and getting directly to the details and credentials that matter most.

Our referees are experts at finding ways and being able to quickly and accurately decipher information that’s meant to mislead. We take the time to look for overlaps in social media and professional associations so that we can build accurate pictures of those people who are supplying reference information.

Our comprehensive techniques include carefully crafted specific questions and gathering the relevant feedback from all of the different people involved in the reference. Triton understands that attention to details is one of the cornerstones for success in any kind of background check template. Over the years that we’ve been in business, we’ve been able to develop systems and tools that work to supply our clients with accurate reliable information.

Techniques and Tools

Triton referees understand how to use all of the techniques and tools involved to get you a reference check that is credible and reliable. Our professionals understand how to carefully listen and ascertain the inflections (we don’t do these in-person so we wouldn’t see the body language)that make a difference. Our reference check verifications system has been used by everyone from Fortune 500 companies to smaller businesses.