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Proper employment history verification checks prove dates of former employment, positions held and reasons for departure. We confirm by speaking to a manager, payroll or human resources personnel. These can also give you employment profiles on items such as the candidate’s duties, salary, performance and more.

Employers may choose to verify either a limited amount of information or a more comprehensive data set to illustrate whether the candidate actually has the skills and experience necessary to perform well in the position you’re hiring for.

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Employment History Verifications for Business

Triton makes it simple to get the employment history verifications you need. Proper employment verification checks are a cornerstone to making sure that you get the right kind of employees working for you.

We can help. Our work is always done professionally and quickly so you will never have any doubt about the kind of verifications you get by using our services. It’s important to keep in mind that verifying a candidate’s employment history can save you from potential problems down the road.

There are several key features that we look at to give each and every one of our clients a comprehensive overview. These factors include:


This is one of the factors that’s at the top of any employment history verifications list for good reason. Although some of the past histories here might be hard to verify, every effort should be made. It’s important to know which job titles require credentials. We understand how to match these with the experts you might be looking to hire for jobs like teacher or other professionals. Making sure that credentials are valid is the most important starting point.

The Tenure

The kind of employment verification checks we supply don’t need to be complicated. For example, making sure that you have all the details necessary to make a good choice includes verifying the candidate’s tenure. Simply checking the amount of time they say on their resume is a good way to move the process forward. We specialize in making sure to give you all the details — even the ones you might not think you need.

The Position Details

One of the other advantages you get when you use our services is attention to detail. Employment history verifications need to include an attention to detail because not all positions are clearly defined. For example, an administrative assistant can mean a variety of different things depending on what company you’re looking to hire for.

We understand that most businesses want to focus on making money and new contacts. That’s why they want to be sure that the information crossing their desks from any potential hire is accurate and detailed.

Our quick and professional service gets the job done for you. It’s important to keep in mind that we have good relationships with some of the biggest organizations in the United States and beyond. That’s why you can trust the veracity of the employment history verifications you get through us.