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If your organization employs drivers, or has company vehicles, a proper search helps ensure that you are hiring responsible drivers. Results may shed light on a potential employee’s history of impaired driving, speeding, reckless driving, driver’s license details, active suspensions, status of license and fines.

Are you thinking about running a driver’s abstract on a new employee? This can be a tedious and costly exercise, but with our driver's abstracts service, it doesn't have to be. Our secure and reliable process brings you this information quickly and affordably, allowing you to hire better-qualified staff and reduce organizational turnover.

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Complete Driver’s Abstracts As Another Metric

Triton is an industry leader in making sure your company hires employees with clean driving records. Staying on top of every aspect of the candidate’s suitability for a position is quite often a moving target.

It’s important to keep in mind a driving record is a good indication of a person’s credibility and suitability. Of course, this applies for jobs where they will be driving but getting the information from driver’s abstracts can tell you about their character generally.

For example:

  • We pride ourselves on a transparency that includes no hidden fees. It’s that kind of attention to detail which made us one of the leaders in the drivers abstracts field. A candidate who has a DWI on their record may or may not be suitable for your company’s position. If the offense was a one off and there’s no clear indication of a trend, that person could be suitable. On the other side of that coin, several DWIs indicates a pattern and a problem you’ll want to address.
  • Triton also has some of the fastest turnaround times for drivers abstracts in the entire industry. Checking this information as a prospective employer can tell you some other valuable things about any candidate. Complete driver’s abstracts are another good metric and if a potential hire has a series of speeding tickets they might also have a problem with being careless. If there’s a trend of not paying attention to speed limits, having a complete driver’s abstract showing this can raise a red flag before someone gets hired and an issue arises.

Triton is so confident in our driver abstract services, we offer a free no obligation trial so that you can see what we can do. Our priority and business model is all about making sure that you get unbiased, accurate information on your next hire.

We are specialists in pre-employment background checks and have years of experience. Our industry leading systems are specifically designed to your business and industry— all the information we gather is held in the strictest confidentiality in secured files.

Most of our reference checks can be turned around in 1 to 2 days which is industry leading. It’s important to keep in mind that these drivers abstracts and other background checks create a safer and efficient environment for employees and a better client experience.

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